About Me

Hello! Welcome to my Blog world!

Domains I Know

– Graphic Design – Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom

– Video Shooting and Editing – Cyberlink Powerdirector, Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, Final Cut Pro X

– Writing, Blogging

– Travel

– Photography

-YouTube Marketing

– Pro. Video Making

-Android App Development

-Website Development

And some other things!

Why this Blog?
I started this blog to share my shower thoughts. Eventually, as I continued writing, website turned into a hub to share travel experiences, cool projects I work on, photography showcase and what not!
Please note:

I’m not a travel agent.

I’m not an official contact person of any place.

I’m not endorsed with any organization.

I’m a travel freak, who lovesexploring places thoughtfully, capture them in camera and post them on this website.

Personally, 17 year old, anytime ready learner, amateur lensman {No DSLR Or SLR Camera},traveler, sports and music lover, reader. Internet has taught me more than schools, I must confess. I always seek for new things to experiment. You have some new idea? Let’s do it together!

I born and brought up in remote town of Gujarat, Vansda. Study has allowed me to experience cities, different people and different cultures.

I’m of the mindset, ‘Health is Wealth.’ Badminton and morning jogging help me turn it to reality. I love to read about psychology, sports, politics, economics, technology or any other genre that you name it, I read about all topics.

I have no DSLR Only Mobile Photography!


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